Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Officers Elected for 2010 Year!

Hello ladies! I hope that you're having a great week! Here is our new list of officers for next year, so if you see any of them feel free to say congratulations!

LC Officers:

President: Ashley Winkler
VP Administration: Mallory LaPlant
VP Standards: Christa Garcia
VP Education: Gracey Klapp
VP Academic Development: Michelle Ford
VP Membership Recruitment: Kristen Hall
VP Chapter Development: Santana Baker
VP Communications: Bethany Heaton
Recording Secretary: Rebecca Raj
Corresponding Secretary: Leah Hurt
Chapter Treasurer: Deanna Rideout
New Member Educator: Kirby O'Donoghue
Philanthropic Chair: Kelsey Dublin
Panhellenic Delegate: Liz Perkins
Social Chairs: Courtney Billington, Samantha White
Alumnae Relations: Kaci Harshman

CAB Officers:
Keepers of Ritual: Hope Dean, Kehla Baker
Corporation: Kaitlyn Arant
Panhellenic Non-voting Delegates: Ali Adams, Katie Cronin
Activities chairs: Jacqlyn Murdock, Hannah Walker
Assistant Philanthropic: Nicki Ray
Assistant Recruitment: Brooke Borders
Intramural Chair: Claire Dunlap
Composites: Amelia Donner
Songleaders: Michelle Ford, Rebecca Raj
Community Service: Amanda Peebles
Awards: Brooke Borders, Deanna Rideout
Marketing: Anna Hunt
Chaplains: Jessi Hutchens, Kehla Baker
Historian: Claire Pitman
To Dragma: Allie Darnell
Webmaster: Sam Meeks

And our Chapter Advisor is Sarah Elliott!

ALSO--our officer transition is this Saturday at 10, so if you are an advisor try to come!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


21 girls were initiated today! It went wonderfully! They were very excited. :) They're a great group!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homecoming Reminder!

Don't forget: Homecoming is right around the corner--a week from Saturday! I'm very excited to see everyone coming in town. The parade will begin at 9:30 October 10th and then following that at 11, Tent City! Can't wait!


Mr. MSU was a huge success! All the contestants were fantastic and we had the biggest crowd I've ever seen at this before! Even the whole Murray State football team came to support one of their teammates in the competition! Kirby printed out around 800 programs and they were GONE before the show even started, so we were very proud of that. Here were the results of the night:
4th runner up: Travis Taylor
3rd runner up: Tyler Brockman
2nd runner up: Cameron Gish
1st runner up: Luke Welch
Mr. MSU: Mark Morris

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We are counting down the days to Mr. MSU 2009, and it's coming fast! "It's Raining Men" is the theme and we have 18 contestants. I'm looking forward to seeing some of our alum there! It should be a great night for us. Don't forget it's on Friday, September 25 at 7:00. Come with letters on or wear your own Mr. MSU shirt if you bought one! Thanks for your support!

Big/Lil Reveal

Big/Lil Reveal happened last night (which is always a fun time). This year the bigs had to make a puzzle with a theme, or some type of costume, to make it fun for them to figure out. The puzzles gave a clue to each person. Then they would run outside and find the person with something on or with them that matched all of their clues!


We were the Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust Champs for 09! We were so excited because it is one of our chapter's favorite events! And beating the other sororities at events always makes it a little bit better!! :) But our theme this year was to dress like watermelons--it was very cute! Here's another few pictures..

Recruitment 09!

Recruitment was very successful! We got 22 new girls and here is a list of them:
Ali Adams
Erin Behbehani
Katie Bialczak
Courtney Billington
Shelby Blalock
Taylor Cline
Katie Cronin
Allie Darnell
Amelia Donner
Shelly Ezell
Kaci Harshman
Madison Lane
Nicole Miller
Jacqlyn Murdock
Claire Pitman
Rebecca Raj
Miranda Sexton
Taylor Steele
Lynley Sullivan
Jordan Travis
Samantha White

Here's a few pictures to look at!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Alum Potluck

Hello! The Alum Potluck is taking place on Sunday, August 9, 2009 at the Stables in the Curris Center. It begins at 12 and we have reserved the room until 3, so we have time to catch up! I hope you all can make it! Email me back at the alumnae email account if you are coming and bringing a side item! Thanks! Look forward to seeing everybody!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Campus Sing CHAMPS!

We were fortunate enough to win All Campus Sing this year! It was great and we were all very excited about it! We won $300 since we were the top sorority. Here's a couple of pictures of our show and us with our giant check!